31 August 2005

New Zealand Government Website


My name is Mark Sceats. Because your website kbmih.blogspot.com already links to other websites about New Zealand immigration I thought you'd be interested in a new government web resource.

www.worksite.govt.nz is a web portal that combines the resources of various New Zealand Government agencies to provide a one-stop information portal relevant for people planning to immigrate to New Zealand. Topics covered include education, training, career planning, finding work, finding staff, & establishing a business in New Zealand.

If you think the site is relevant to your own website visitors please feel free to link to it any way you feel appropriate. Some link code snippets are included at the end of this message in case you want them.

Please note this has been sent to you as a once-only email - no further emails will be sent. If you have any questions please contact me at worksite@viz.co.nz or +64 9 522 9522

Thank you for your time & consideration.

Best wishes,

Mark Sceats
on behalf of The New Zealand Department of Labour

PS To make things easy you may wish to use one of the following link code snippets:

Option 1

<b><a target="_blank" href="http://www.worksite.govt.nz"> Work in New Zealand</a></b><br>Government website. Links & information about work, training, employment &amp; skills in New Zealand.

Should you use this code here is how the link will appear...

Work in New Zealand
Government website. Links & information about work, training, employment & skills in New Zealand.

Option 2

<b><a target="_blank" href="http://www.worksite.govt.nz">WorkSite New Zealand Jobs</a></b><br>Government website. Links & information about employment, training & jobs in New Zealand.

Should you use this code here is how the link will appear...

WorkSite New Zealand Jobs
Government website. Links & information about employment, training & jobs in New Zealand.

Option 3

<b>WorkSite</b><br>Government website all about work in New Zealand. If you've got any work-related questions this is the place to go. You’ll find useful links and information on everything to do with employment, training & <a target="_blank" href="http://www.worksite.govt.nz">work in New Zealand</a>.

Should you use this code here is how the link will appear...

Government website all about work in New Zealand. If you've got any work-related questions this is the place to go. You’ll find useful links and information on everything to do with employment, training & work in New Zealand.

Kenapa kurs Rupiah anjlok? Tanya Pertamina lah

Kenapa kurs Rupiah anjlok? Tanya Pertamina lah.

Karena harga minyak dunia yang meroket akhir-akhir ini, sementara Pertamina masih harus subsidi harga bahan bakar, akhirnya Pertamina harus membeli USD50,000,000 tiap harinya dari bank-bank pemerintah untuk membiayai impor bahan bakar.

Terang aja Rupiah anjlok, wong beli USD nya pake Rupiah.

Tapi, kenapa Pertamina harus impor bahan bakar? Bukankah Indonesia adalah negara penghasil minyak? Nah, itulah anehnya.

Terus, kenapa Pertamina masih harus subsidi harga bahan bakar? Nah, yang ini lebih baik jangan ditanyakan, nanti banyak yang ngamuk.

Btw, ada kemungkinan anjloknya sampai Rp. 12,200 per 1 USD dalam beberapa minggu ini. Jadi, bagi mereka yang sempat kejebak USD-nya di level Rp 12,000 an pada pertengahan Agustus 1998 lalu, siap-siap balik modal. Cukup melegakan bukan?

Ini suatu pelajaran bagi kita bahwa berspekulasi itu tidak baik. Dulu waktu USD sempat naik ke Rp.14,800 (Jan '98), turun ke Rp.7,950 (Mei'98), naik lagi ke Rp.15,200 (Juli'98), pada pertengahan Agustus'98 banyak orang mengganggap bahwa USD bakalan naik lagi, karena masa peralihan dari Jendral Soeharto ke Profesor Habibie dianggap belum menjamin kestabilan. Akhirnya banyak juga yang kecele beli USD pada level Rp.12,000 pada bulan itu dengan harapan USD akan naik lagi sampai Rp.15,000 bahkan lebih. Dan sejak itu, Rupiah malah turunnnn terus dan stabil pada level Rp.7,000-8,000 an, selama tujuh tahun.

Suatu penantian yang lumayan lama... tujuh tahun. Itupun belum dihitung sama nilai suku bunga dan inflasi. Dan, itupun karena harga bahan bakar dunia naik dan subsidi Pertamina.

30 August 2005

Jabodetabek Mass Rapid Transit

Khayalan yang mungkin jadi kenyataan di 2020...
Baru skemanya memang, tapi lumayanlah cukup melegakan.

26 August 2005

Flying cheaper than driving

You can just pay $95 flying with AirNZ one-way from Hamilton to Wellington.

P1010013 P1010012

With petrol price at $1.5 per litre, you may painfully spend $120 only for petrol to drive 532 kms from Hamilton to Wellington with 0.15 litre petrol per kilometre. And, you'll get tired.

By Overlander Train, you spend $130 one-way for adult and $85 for senior. You must wait a long time to get a cheaper price.

The cheapest one is by InterCity Coachlines, you just pay $60 one-way per person. But, I prefer 1 hour sitting on a plane to 8 hours sitting on a bus.

Tips from AA:

Keep Your Petrol Costs Down

Get more value for money when filling up at the tank. In the current climate of rising petrol prices, here are some tips on how to conserve fuel and reduce vehicle running costs ... make the most of every mile travelled ...

1. Drive smoothly: Aggressive driving is expensive and dangerous. To conserve fuel, avoid rapid acceleration and operate the accelerator as smoothly as possible. A relaxed driving style can save up to 40%.

2. Moderate your speed: to save fuel and arrive alive. Driving at no more than 100km/h compared to 110 km/h saves fuel.

3. Change up: Drive in the highest appropriate gear – the revs should be moderate, not too high or too low. Driving at 60kph in third gear uses up to 25% more fuel than in fifth gear.

4. Plan ahead: Combine multiple household tasks/chores into a single trip. Plan when you could walk, cycle or use public transport instead of taking the car. Invest time in organising shared rides.

5. Lighten the load: Remove unnecessary items from the vehicle, including roof-racks, as to avoid excessive drag. If you have two vehicles, use the smallest vehicle that will do the job.

6. Service checks: Check tyre pressure and uneven tyre wear once a month. Do not over-adjust the brakes - this can cause drag. Low tyre pressures increase fuel consumption by 3%.

7. At the pump: Don’t pay for a higher octane than you need, use the lowest octane petrol suitable for your car. Check your oil levels.

8. Avoid idling for long periods (modern cars do not need to warm up) and switch off when you are parked even if you are waiting for someone.

9. Minimise air-conditioning: wind down the windows for air-flow where required. Park your vehicle in the shade where possible. Air-conditioning increases fuel consumption by up to 11%.

Relating Well in New Zealand - Orientation Programme

Hi everyone,

Relating Well in New Zealand

Feeling overwhelmed finding work, adapting to a new language and culture, finding schools? You are not alone. “Relating Well in New Zealand” is a
FREE programme for migrants to New Zealand. It is designed to support you to develop your knowledge, skills and confidence to set and meet your goals for successful settlement and adjustment to life in New Zealand.

This one day programme runs from 9.00am until 4.00pm and is fronted by two trained “Relating Well in NZ” facilitators. Topics include-

§ How is New Zealand different
§ Stages of culture shock and change
§ Creating a new life
§ Networking
§ Keys to success
§ Using your skills
§ Values and goals for the future


§ “The course is very well run by both facilitators and was most informative”.
§ “ I found the content of the course most valuable and enjoyed the networking opportunity”.
§ “It was nice to know I am not alone and I appreciated the settlement strategies covered”.

Lunch is provided and all participants will be awarded an attendance certificate
WHEN: 9am - 4pm Saturday 17 September
WHERE: Waikato Migrant Resource Centre
Boundary Road, Claudelands Park, Hamilton
For more information on how to register contact:

Philip Yeung - Migrant Resource Centre - Di or Karen

07 838 6765 - 07 853 2192 - 07 839 3267

philip.yeung@hcc.govt.nz wmrc@xtra.co.nz waikato@relate.org.nz

Philip Yeung
Ethnic Communities Coordinator
Community Support
Hamilton City Council
Private Bag 3010 Hamilton 2001
DDI 07 838 6765
Fax 07 838 6751
Mobile 021 135 8451
Email philip.yeung@hcc.govt.nz

Helen Clark at the university

Helen Clark visited the University of Waikato today as part of the Labour Party campaign.

See photos >>>

24 August 2005

ADA Badminton

Salam Olahraga,

Akhir minggu ini ADA badminton.

Hari/tanggal: Sabtu, 27 Agustus 2005
Waktu : 18.15 - 19.15
Tempat : School of Education's Gym (Gate 4 TG Building)

Sampai ketemu.

22 August 2005

Invitation dari Andi Irvan


Bersama ini mengundang kawan kawan alumni Hamilton untuk hadir pada acara cukur rambut, baby shower anak saya yang bernama Andi Nur Jawhara Faiqa pada:

Tanggal : 27 Agustus 2005
Hari : Sabtu
Jam : 10 pagi - 1 siang
Alamat : Jl. Deplu Raya No. 42
Pondok Pinang, Kebayoran Lama
Jakarta Selatan
Phone : 765 0771 / HP 08158218793

Dimohon kehadirannya. Terima kasih.


21 August 2005

Foto-foto Acara 17an

Foto-foto Acara 17an kemarin tanggal 20 Agustus 2005.
It's fun that you may have to wait 'till next year.

16 August 2005

Peringatan 17 Agustus 2005

Salam Merdeka Rekan - Rekan

Dalam rangka turut memperingati hari Kemerdekaan Republik Indonesia yang
ke-60 yang jatuh pada tanggal 17 Agustus 2005, Pengurus KBMI mengundang
seluruh warga KBMI untuk menghadiri acara dengan tema "Dari Kita dan Untuk
Kita" yang akan dilaksanakan sebagai berikut:

Tempat Migrant Resource Centre

Alamat Claudeland Park

Hari Sabtu 20 Agustus 2005

Jam 10 Pagi sampai 2 Sore

Untuk memeriahkan acara peringatan ini, kami mempersiapkan lomba sebagai

1. Mewarnai gambar (anak-anak), peserta harap membawa alat pewarna
masing-masing (contoh: crayon, pencil berwarna, cat air, dll)
2. Sendok Kelereng (anak-anak dan dewasa)
3. Balap Karung (anak-anak dan dewasa)
4. Oper Bola (kelompok)
5. Tarik Tambang (kelompok)
6. Kuiz (kelompok)

Silahkan memulai untuk membentuk kelompok dan membuat persiapan untuk
lomba-lomba diatas. Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut akan disampaikan pada
saat perlombaan.

Untuk pelaksanaan acara ini telah disepakati bagi setiap keluarga untuk
memberikan kontribusi sebesar $10. Dana yang terkumpul ditambah dana dari
KBMI akan dipergunakan untuk:

1. Menu utama steak on rice
2. Sausage & Bread
3. Paper plate, plastic cups & cutlery
4. Tea and sugar
5. Perlengkapan perlombaan
6. Hadiah perlombaan
7. Sewa tempat

Mengingat acara kita cukup panjang dan padat, Pengurus juga masih membuka
kesempatan bagi Bapak/Ibu/Rekan yang ingin menyumbang makanan lain, contoh
(kue, finger food, snack, minuman, salad, etc). Dalam hal ini silahkan
menghubungi Ibu Eka. Dan mengingat pula bahwa KBMI masih belum mempunyai
pemasukan tetap, maka kami menghargai sekali partisipasi Bapak/Ibu/Rekan
dalam rangka mendukung kelangsungan KBMI di Hamilton.

Dan yang paling penting adalah kehadiran Bapak/Ibu/Rekan beserta keluarga
untuk memeriahkan acara ini. Mengingat acara ini dilaksanakan di Migrant
Resource Centre yang mana hanya dari jam 10 pagi sampai 2 sore maka kami
mengharapkan kehadirannya tepat waktu.

Apabila Bapak/Ibu/Rekan membutuhkan informasi lebih lanjut tentang acara
peringatan ini silahkan menghubungi Bapak Yunus ( 8438886) atau Ibu Eka

Berikut list anggota KBMI-Hamilton.



02 August 2005

Berita Duka

Telah berpulang pada Tuhan YME
papa terkasih dari Sdr. Jeffry Merril Liando,
pada hari Senin, 1 Agustus 2005 pk 14.00 WIB
di RS. Cipto Mangunkusumo

Pemakaman akan dilaksanakan pada hari Kamis, 4 Agustus 2005 (menunggu kedatangan Jeffry dari NZ).
Semoga keluarga yang ditinggalkan diberikan kekuatan dan penghiburan.

01 August 2005

Photo Exhibition at ArtPost Building

Collective July 26 – August 15

Presenting the Huaren Society's first exhibition "Kiwi and Chinese - Back to Back", a fascinating look at the diversity in our society.

Gallery A and B: ArtPost Building, Victoria Street

One of my photos is in Gallery B.

Look up the story >>>