28 May 2005

Bermain Badminton Bersama

Pada hari ini, Sabtu, 28 Mei, KBMIH bermain badminton bersama. Ada tiga lapangan yang digunakan: satu lapangan digunakan kompetisi orang dewasa, satu lapangan untuk latihan dan satu lapangan lagi untuk anak-anak.

>>> lihat foto-foto lainnya

Orang dewasa yang berkompetisi ada 6 orang, sementara anak-anak yang bermain ada sekitar 8 orang yang didampingi oleh ibu-ibu sekitar 7 orang. Jadi, yang datang semuanya ada sekitar 21 orang.

Rencananya kegiatan ini mau dilakukan tiap minggu atau tiap dua minggu. Kita lihat saja nanti.

25 May 2005

Arie and Ricca Harris are Your Property Solutions

Arie dan Ricca Harris akan memberikan solusi bagi anda untuk memperoleh rumah idaman atau berinvestasi dalam property dan menjual property anda di Hamilton.
As a highly valued asset to Telecom New Zealand, Arie Harris quickly excelled to a highly proficient communications consultant. He is skilful in customer relations, personal networking and is also a talented negotiator. In addition to a wide range of experience throughout numerous industry sectors, Arie holds an extensive academic background in the lucrative areas of computational science, systems analysis and has been awarded a Masters in Management Studies as well.

Arie has a wide variety of interests. In his spare time he enjoys performing, listening to and writing music. He is a very family oriented man and the proud father of his very first child. For that reason he is greatly dedicated to building a sound future for his family and has selected a career in real estate as the best strategy for building a secure future for his family.

Client focus is one of the key points that Arie knows to be essential for delivering the best results when buying or selling property. Arie firmly believes that being aware of how to bring the right people and the right properties together is key to property success. He is also markedly skilled at employing innovations in technology to provide his clients the best in realty success, Arie now invites you to join these successes when buying or selling your property.

Arie has a passionate motivation to succeed for his clients and himself. (his webpage)

Ricca Harris provides clients with a very analytical and logical approach, together with leading edge technology, and her access to qualified buyers will provide you with the information you need. Ricca realises that her success is dependent upon recognising and achieving your goals.

Prior to joining Lodge Real Estate team, Ricca worked at Telecom NZ Limited, initially as a Sales and Marketing consultant. The 2½ years spent at Telecom has collectively provided Ricca with a thorough understanding of, and high regard for the importance of strong relationships and the meaning of excellence in service.

Ricca listens carefully to understand your real estate needs and create solutions that make sense for you. Whether you are new to the market or an experienced investor, Ricca has the determination to ensure you have the highest level of service that is available.

Ricca believes that she can make a difference. She is young and energetic and her enthusiastic attitude along with her Management degree is the main reason she went into Real Estate. She feels strongly that she can apply her knowledge to her business and she shows the best way to market your property. “Ricca’s theory and dedication is to not only help people in selling or buying property, but to clarify the right strategy to get sustained results without destroying people in the process.”

People tend to underestimate the effort required to sell or buy a property. It is a journey and requires hard work, but to Ricca it is worth every minute. If you are thinking of making a move, call Ricca Harris. (her webpage)

24 May 2005

Pencurian Identitas

Pencurian identitas sudah menjadi suatu tidak kriminal yang paling cepat berkembang sekarang ini.

Identity theft has become an increasingly common and widespread crime overseas. It is also on the rise in New Zealand.
Identity theft occurs when a criminal uses another person's personal information to take on that person's identity. This mainly involves stealing personal details to commit theft or fraud. (link)

Sebenarnya jarang terjadi di New Zealand dibandingkan di Amerika, tapi bagaimanapun kita perlu menjaga diri kita.
One of the most common forms of credit fraud is committed by ‘stealing’ the identity of another individual. Someone obtains your identity details and uses them to obtain credit for themselves, leaving you with the potential liability for this debt, a damaged credit reputation and the inconvenience of amending your credit file. (link)

Artikel dari seorang yang pernah dilupakan

Artikel dari seorang yang pernah dilupakan yang sekarang cuma sekedar diingatkan.

Sebaliknya, kaum intelektual bukan sekedar bagian dari nasionnya. Iapun nurani nasionnya, kerana bukan saja dalam dirinya terdapat gudang ilmu dan pengetahuan, terutama pengalaman nasionnya, juga ia dengan isi gudangnya dapat memilih yang baik dan yang terbaik untuk dikembangkan, memiliki dasar dan alasan paling kuat untuk menjadi resolut (tegas) dalam memutuskannya atau tidak. (link)
MA'AF: Atas Nama Pengalaman
Pernah didongengkan padaku semasa kecil, juga dari bacaan, bahwa yang jahat akan dikalahkan oleh yang baik. Yang tidak pernah didongengkan: yang baik dengan sendirinya juga akan dikalahkan oleh yang jahat. Suatu mata rantai yang sambung-menyambung. Kalau rangkaian itu tidak ada, tak tahu lagi orang mana yang baik dan mana yang jahat. Suatu lingkaran setan yang tak habis-habisnya. (link)
P.A.Toer: penulis asal Indonesia yang dianggap memiliki dedikasi tinggi oleh sebagian khalayak.

17 May 2005

Pem NZ akan subsidi Broadband

Pemerintah NZ memiliki komitmen sebesar NZD 400 juta untuk memberikan subsidi untuk koneksi broadband bagi seluruh komunitas masyarakat NZ pada lima tahun mendatang. Komitmen ini merupakan bagian dari tujuan "ICT for All New Zealanders".
The government has committed to spend up to $400 million over the next five years to make the Digital Strategy happen. But this won’t be enough on its own to achieve our objectives. So we plan to use government money to stimulate action and commitment by others - to provide seed funding and to stimulate activity.
Visi dari The Digital Strategy itu sendiri adalah bahwa seluruh penduduk NZ akan mendapatkan akses informasi dan komunikasi digital via internet dengan koneksi broadband.
The Digital Strategy is about how we will create a digital future for all New Zealanders, using the power of information and communications technology (ICT) to enhance all aspects of our lives.
Hampir mirip dengan proposal koneksi internet ala Dr. Onno Purbo yang sedang digarap di Indonesia pada tingkat RT/RW. Baca artikel "Internet Gratis?" oleh Onno Purbo.

13 May 2005

Wellington V8 Supercar kelihatannya batal

Wellington V8 Supercar kelihatannya tidak jadi dilaksanakan dengan alasan budget pengeluaran yang terlalu besar.
Wellington Mayor Kerry Prendergast said in the statement the report’s recommendations highlighted issues with the Resource Management Act (RMA), which was under review. "The resource consent process has cost Wellington a huge opportunity," she said. "Generating $22.9 million of new spend, the V8 street race would have been the largest annual event in New Zealand. To create an event of similar size would take a huge amount of time and investment," she said.
Baca link dari NZ Herald.

12 May 2005

Temu Ramah Masyarakat Indonesia di NZ bersama SBY

Kalau ada yang tertarik mendengar rekaman temu ramah masyarakat Indonesia di NZ bersama President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono pada bulan April lalu, silakan dengar melalui link ini.

Menarik, terutama dalam pertanyaan-pertanyaan kritis dan aktual yang ditanyakan oleh beberapa peserta dan jawaban-jawaban dari bapak presiden sendiri.

Linked by INDONZ

This weblog has also been linked by INDONZ.com, the business community website for Indonesian people living in NZ.

Thanks to Mr. Maman Baboe who has linked our weblog. We wish every success for the website in the future.

11 May 2005

Linked by Indonesian Embassy NZ

This weblog has been linked by Indonesian Embassy in Wellington. Thanks to KBRI Wellington for doing that, anyway. Hormat kami buat KBRI Wellington.
Hopefully, the blog is not just temporarily occupied. It needs co-operation between the current and former community members to keep it alive.
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08 May 2005

1996 Toyota Curren for sale

1996 Toyota Curren, Coupe, 2000 cc, single air bag, A/C, spoilers, factory alloy wheels, CD changer, 107,500 kms.

$6,200 - ONO

Erny - 0212954904
email: ernysk@yahoo.com

07 May 2005

Penyesatan ke arah dual citizenship yang sesat

Akhir-akhir ini cosmopolitanism telah berkembang menjadi suatu tren masyarakat dunia yang suatu hari akan menyesatkan. Penyesatan ini berawal dari pengakuan multiculturalism yang kemudian bisa menjurus ke penyesuaian-penyesuaian ke arah dual citizenship. Sementara itu, dual citizenship itu sendiri adalah sesuatu yang menyesatkan.

Selera tiap orang memang berbeda-beda tapi lepas dari itu ada orang yang memiliki selera yang sedemikian beraneka-ragamnya sehingga identitas dirinya menjadi kabur. Hari ini makan nasi dan daging rendang, besok makan kentang dan steak. Pengalaman kita dalam mencicipi kedua jenis makanan tersebut mengklaim bahwa kita adalah cosmopolitan yang menganut paham cosmopolitanism di atas. Sah sudah...

Keesokkan harinya kita diundang suatu acara multicultural show oleh asosiasi lokal yang mana kita diminta untuk membawa makanan asli dari negara kita sendiri. Jelas yang kita bawa adalah nasi dan daging rendang karena kita bangga dengan nasionalisme makanan kita di depan bangsa-bangsa lain. Selain itu, kita juga ingin menunjukkan bahwa kita berbeda dengan yang lain.

Dua hari kemudian, kita merasa bahwa perbedaan yang kita miliki dengan khalayak mayoritas dianggap suatu hal yang justru dapat membanggakan diri kita. Akhirnya, kita merasa bahwa tanpa makan kentang dan steak pun eksistensi kita tetap diakui. Tapi, bolehlah sekali-sekali makan itu...

Kita merasa diuntungkan karena kita tidak dipaksa untuk berasimilasi dengan kebudayaan setempat. Dimanapun kita merasa untung dan bebas, kita pasti betah lah...

Setahun, dua tahun, sampai akhirnya tanpa disadari kita berasosiasi tanpa berasimilasi dengan kelompok lokal. Asosiasi ini berjalan sebegitu alamiahnya dengan batasan-batasan anti-diskriminasi yang kuat. Tambah betah lah...

Lama kelamaan loyalitas kepada asosiasi setempat itu menjadi kuat. Sedemikian kuatnya sehingga kita memiliki kepentingan yang sama dan pantas dipersamakan dengan yang lain. Dalam manifestasi apa dan yang bagaimana? Ya citizenship, apa lagi dong...

Harapan kita akhirnya adalah semoga dual citizenship diijinkan oleh penguasa tempat kelahiran kita dan penguasa setempat. Karena model ini adalah cara paling aman ketimbang harus memilih dan menyangkal salah satu.

Tapi sayangnya dual citizenship itu sendiri sesat. Loyalitas yang kita miliki selalu diragukan. Bener nggak pak...?

06 May 2005


Congratulation untuk soft launching weblog KBMIH. Penampilannya OK punya. Pihak KBRI di Welli perlu diinformasikan tentang weblog ini sehingga mereka dapat mengetahui juga kegiatan warga Indonesia di Hamilton. Mudah2an media ini bisa terus berlangsung. Good luck Jeffry. (dw)

NZ flag - the new one

I am Indonesian, yet living in New Zealand and my daughter is a New Zealander since she was born here. Therefore, it's still fair enough, I suggest, for me to write about Kiwi patriotism and nationalism instead of one I currently have at the moment. Some day later they're going to teach her in some way.

Seeing the current NZ flag, I have impression that it should be similar with one the Australia nation has. There is Union Jack with two stars missing in the Southern Cross. I don't know much about the history of the NZ own patriotism and nationalism. Unlike the USA, what I know they really fought the British Empire with blood and flesh.

However, I understand that the modern patriotism and nationalism don't need blood and flesh to be sacrificed. The modern patriotism and nationalism are much like not denying your existence in how you should react against international event, news, discussion or anything.

Indonesian patriotism and nationalism have been established since the time of the Majapahit Empire on Java in 14th century which captured almost all area in the South East Asia region. The flag is a kind of Jack with nine red-white strips.

Then, such kinds of patriotism and nationalism have been continuing until the Independence Revolution War in 1945 - 1949 when many Indonesian people fought the Allies for their intention to help the Dutch to rule back Indonesia after the Declaration of Independence of Indonesia in 1945.

The Indonesian flag is simple and meaningful. It's only one red-white strip with 2:3 ratio. Red means brave and white means pure, holy and honesty. There's one song lyric defines it as our red blood and white bones showing emphaty of the Indonesian people with their national flag.

In NZ case, most of New Zealanders also really want to show their emphaty with their beautiful land and nature in the new NZ flag. New Zealand is well known as a peaceful country with non-arrogant and non-patronising people, low crime rate, clean atmosphere, good environment, beautiful nature and no-snake bush.

It's about the time to show NZ own identity as a great nation and mature state apart from the British monarchy. If someone asks me which flag I like, I would say the red-blue one with the silver fern in the border and southern cross in the blue side. It's colourful and meaningful.

Current New Zealand Flag Posted by Hello

Indonesian Jack (14th century) Posted by Hello

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The strongly recommended flag. Posted by Hello

The flag I like. Posted by Hello

05 May 2005

Malaysia bergoyang Inul?

GOYANG Inul hadir tanpa gerudi atau gembornya (dalam bahasa Indonesia). Sesekali dia memberanikan diri bertanya peminat, “Mahu Inul goyang sikit atau goyang lebih?” Jawab mereka sudah tentu mahu lebih. (link)
Ternyata si Inul sedikit ragu-ragu menunjukkan "goyang Inul" nya di depan orang-orang Malaysia. Mungkin karena masyarakat disana dianggapnya lebih mengerti mana goyangan yang etis dan mana yang tidak.

Paling tidak mereka akhirnya bisa merasakan sedikit kebudayaan Indonesia yang terwakilkan melalui si Inul ini. Lupakan Ambalat sejenak, mari kita bergoyang bersama Inul.

V8 Supercar: why not in Hamilton?

Wellington V8 Supercar updated proposed map Posted by Hello

Sejak Wellington City Council mengajukan diri untuk menjadi tuan rumah V8 Supercar Racing, rencana tersebut akhirnya mendapat pertentangan yang lumayan keras dari kalangan kiri Wellingtonian. Kalau memang banyak yang tidak setuju kenapa dipaksakan.

Kenapa sih ga diadain di Hamilton aja? Kurang hiburan nih disini... He he he...

Selamat Datang di Weblog KBMI Hamiton NZ

Weblog ini adalah sarana informasi dan komunikasi para anggota KBMI Hamilton NZ termasuk para anggota lama yang sudah tidak berada di kota Hamilton lagi.

Selamat menikmati weblog KBMIH ini dan kami sangat mengharapkan kritik dan komentar anda.

Indonesian Community in Hamiton - Waikato (KBMI Hamilton - Waikato)

"Keluarga Besar Masyarakat Indonesia di Hamilton - Waikato" (Indonesian Community in Hamiton - Waikato) is a community-based organisation of Indonesian society resided in New Zealand city of Hamilton and greater Waikato area.

Its members consist of families, workers and students who live permanently or temporarily in Hamilton and the surrounding area. However, it is important to notice that its members can still include those who had involved and taken part in such KBMIHW's activities in the past.

The existence of KBMIHW at the moment is actually a continuation of past efforts in establishing links and network between the members through several activities and events conducted by the past and current good people.

What makes KBMIHW so unique is that the closeness and connectedness between the members in this community is always kept with high tolerance in any matters as well as sharing anything they have in common.

The main goal of KBMIHW is to strengthen the closeness and connectedness between the members through several inland activities that are commonly organised and conducted by the members.

The main event is the celebration of Indonesian Independence Day which is normally held around August every year whilst occasional pot-luck parties are the essence of relationship bonding. KBMIHW also participates in several community events held by Hamilton City Council and other social institutions in order to socially interact with other community-based organisations from other countries.

Contact us by emailing to kbmihnz at gmail dot com.