30 April 2000

KBMIH 2000

Untuk semua panitia dan peserta dalam acara Indonesian Cultural Show 2000, saya ucapkan selamat atas keberhasilan penyelenggaraan acara tersebut. Semoga acara-acara berikutnya tetap selalu sukses!

Maybe you would like to know some comments from some of my friends (bukan anggota KBMI lho), who attended the show:

AW: Good! For the shadow thing, it is very interesting. The fashion show is a bit wordy, best if it was reduced little bit, ... but maybe good for promotion of tourism...
IB: Excellent!! Very excellent! You (maksudnya Indonesian Society dan khususnya Panitia) have done a great thing. I like the song (Ayam den lapeh), and I want to have the lyrics.
Jh: That was very interesting. The shadow drama is very good. It told us about the history, and really, it was interesting to know it... Well, at least we know little bit about it... it was just a 10
or 15 minute-show. I like to go to Indonesia again, but not Bali. I have been to Yogyakarta and the Phillippines, and perhaps I will go to Sumatra, or any place in Indonesia except Bali... to many Australians. Next time, if you have this kind of program again, please let me know!

Sekali lagi, selamat buat keberhasilan panitia.

Ops, kelupaan. Ini ada FOTO-FOTO sewaktu acara perpisahan pak Jejen, bisa dilihat di http://www.picturetrail.com/kbmi

Buat Roni, I know you can do it!