30 June 2005

Minutes of Meeting for Independence Day

From: Eka Finschi

Following is the meeting summary for Independence Day:
  • Venue:
    • Hamilton Garden 2, next to Rose Garden
    • Ahmad's house (as contigency plan if raining)
  • Games:
    • for children: lomba karung, lomba sendok + marble, colouring competition
    • for adults: lomba karung, tarik tambang, passing the ball
    • there will be gifts for children participating games, e.g. chocolate, lollies, colouring pencils
  • Meals:
    • BBQ: beefs, sausages, bread, rice, salad
    • drinks and desserts, fruits
    • disposable plates & cups to be prepared
    • welcome to any donation
  • Cost breakdown:
    • $150 for meals
    • $50 for games and preparation
  • Financial source:
    • existing money from the club
    • to be decided whether require additional support from members
  • Expected participants
    • latest record of membership is approx 80 (to be confirmed w/ Dewi)
  • Event to be finalised on next meeting - Sat 02 July 05, after the Badminton.



Photos taken at the meeting: