12 October 2005

ESOL Advisor information


To: Philip Yeung
Subject: ESOL Advisor information

Hi Philip, here is some introductory information about this new service for sending out to your distribution list.

ESOL Assessment and Access Specialist Service

This new service, funded by the Tertiary Education Commission, is based at the Migrant Resource Centre in Boundary Road and administered by the ESOL HomeTutors, Waikato. It is a specialist service designed to offer:

assessment, advice and referrals to migrant and refugee clients, including those who are newly arrived and those who have been in NZ for many years. The service is open to people who want to develop their English language skills whatever their level of English and who are finding barriers to accessing employment in their field or who are currently under employed. This service is also available to migrants who have prepaid for English language tuition

an English language assessment which will identify the client's: level of spoken and written English; previous educational background and learning style, priorities and goals; personal circumstances that are relevant to accessing ESOL provision.

up to date and relevant information on ESOL programmes and courses in the Hamilton area.

a pathway or plan for each client, for ongoing English language development, including strategies for self-directed learning.

linkage to other programmes and services e.g. career services, employment support, professional seminars, job training opportunities, further study.

face to face interviews and follow up by phone. Telephone contact on behalf of the client to WINZ case manager, targeted provider etc.

support for the full range of ethnic communities and organisations in and around Hamilton, working in collaboration with ESOL providers, ensuring coherent provision of ESOL and work preparation courses to meet the full range of needs of the migrant and refugee population.


Jo de Lisle

Waikato Migrant Resource Centre

Claudelands Park, Boundary Road

PO Box 4340, Hamilton

phone: (07) 853 2196 or (07) 853 2192

fax: 854 8978

email: esol.advisor@xtra.co.nz