12 October 2005

Traditional Kites Exhibition at Waikato Museum


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From: Philip Yeung [mailto:philip.yeung@hcc.govt.nz]
Subject: Traditional Kites Exhibition at Waikato Museum

Good morning everyone,

The Waikato Museum of Art and History is organising a Traditional Kites Exhibition in April 2006. This exhibition aims to exhibit and revive the traditional forms of kite, kite-making and contemporary kites by Maori, Pacific and non-Maori (ethnic groups). The exhibition will attract and educate the Hamilton community and region of Waikato to view, study and participate in the art forms of kite making.

The Museum is asking for the participation of ethnic groups. If your groups is interested in this Kite Exhibition, please contact me or Mututanga Davies at 07 838 6533, e-mail mututanga.davies@hcc.govt.nz for more information.

Thanks and regards

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