27 April 2007

Thama and Bellissimo Biscotti

Hello Friends

May we introduce you to Bellissimo Biscotti. Bellissimo means beautiful and biscotti fans all agree that Bellissimo biscotti is the most delicious biscotti available!

Italy is synonymous with fine food so it is not surprising that biscotti were first made there, in Columbus's time. Their long life meant they were ideal for sailors, soldiers and fishermen. But the intense flavours were enjoyed by all, dunked in a glass of fine Tuscan wine or rich Italian coffee.

Bellissimo Biscotti uses the finest ingredients and is lovingly hand made (the only way to make true biscotti). At Bellissimo we are commited to creating the flavours that keep biscotti lovers coming back for more!

We have Black Forest, Double Chocolate Hazelnut, Ginger Almond and Lemon, White Chocolate Apricot and Hazelnut, and Gluten Free flavours. Why don't you start experience the goodness of them?

Thama Kamikaze

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