13 May 2005

Wellington V8 Supercar kelihatannya batal

Wellington V8 Supercar kelihatannya tidak jadi dilaksanakan dengan alasan budget pengeluaran yang terlalu besar.
Wellington Mayor Kerry Prendergast said in the statement the report’s recommendations highlighted issues with the Resource Management Act (RMA), which was under review. "The resource consent process has cost Wellington a huge opportunity," she said. "Generating $22.9 million of new spend, the V8 street race would have been the largest annual event in New Zealand. To create an event of similar size would take a huge amount of time and investment," she said.
Baca link dari NZ Herald.


Anonymous said...

bagus deh, jadi nggak ngiri.
hampir aja kita pindah wellington. 

Posted by hamiltonian