25 May 2005

Arie and Ricca Harris are Your Property Solutions

Arie dan Ricca Harris akan memberikan solusi bagi anda untuk memperoleh rumah idaman atau berinvestasi dalam property dan menjual property anda di Hamilton.
As a highly valued asset to Telecom New Zealand, Arie Harris quickly excelled to a highly proficient communications consultant. He is skilful in customer relations, personal networking and is also a talented negotiator. In addition to a wide range of experience throughout numerous industry sectors, Arie holds an extensive academic background in the lucrative areas of computational science, systems analysis and has been awarded a Masters in Management Studies as well.

Arie has a wide variety of interests. In his spare time he enjoys performing, listening to and writing music. He is a very family oriented man and the proud father of his very first child. For that reason he is greatly dedicated to building a sound future for his family and has selected a career in real estate as the best strategy for building a secure future for his family.

Client focus is one of the key points that Arie knows to be essential for delivering the best results when buying or selling property. Arie firmly believes that being aware of how to bring the right people and the right properties together is key to property success. He is also markedly skilled at employing innovations in technology to provide his clients the best in realty success, Arie now invites you to join these successes when buying or selling your property.

Arie has a passionate motivation to succeed for his clients and himself. (his webpage)

Ricca Harris provides clients with a very analytical and logical approach, together with leading edge technology, and her access to qualified buyers will provide you with the information you need. Ricca realises that her success is dependent upon recognising and achieving your goals.

Prior to joining Lodge Real Estate team, Ricca worked at Telecom NZ Limited, initially as a Sales and Marketing consultant. The 2½ years spent at Telecom has collectively provided Ricca with a thorough understanding of, and high regard for the importance of strong relationships and the meaning of excellence in service.

Ricca listens carefully to understand your real estate needs and create solutions that make sense for you. Whether you are new to the market or an experienced investor, Ricca has the determination to ensure you have the highest level of service that is available.

Ricca believes that she can make a difference. She is young and energetic and her enthusiastic attitude along with her Management degree is the main reason she went into Real Estate. She feels strongly that she can apply her knowledge to her business and she shows the best way to market your property. “Ricca’s theory and dedication is to not only help people in selling or buying property, but to clarify the right strategy to get sustained results without destroying people in the process.”

People tend to underestimate the effort required to sell or buy a property. It is a journey and requires hard work, but to Ricca it is worth every minute. If you are thinking of making a move, call Ricca Harris. (her webpage)


Anonymous said...

MAS..saya berminat beli rumah..Mas ganteng ya juga Mas 

Posted by Anjir

Anonymous said...

Pak Anjir, dalam hal ini langsung hubungi aja Pak Arie. 

Posted by jeffry

Anonymous said...

rie maen bola lagi yuks.....
kapan nih ngeband lagi.....
hahahahahha.... rumahnya dapet discount berapa %...??? 

Posted by Roni Baskoro