13 July 2005

Migrant Work Placement programme

Hello rekan - rekan

Ini ada open day bagi yang sudah memiliki minimum work permit, untuk melihat
kemungkinan - kemungkinan yang terbuka.

Semoga sukses


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From: Philip Yeung
Subject: FW: Migrant Work Placement programme

The Hamilton Fraser High School holds a migrant work placement programme
four times a year at the migrant resource centre. It has proven very
successful with a majority getting paid work after the programme. It also
includes a work placement part it assist individuals to transfer to the New
Zealand work environment. I include further info on our next programme
starting 25 July 2005 - we are holding OPEN DAYS on 19 and 21 July 2005 NO
FEES (Subject to conditions). A minimum of a work permit and intermediate
English is all that is required. Can you please advise your members of

I look forward to hear from you, in particular your ideas for better
employment opportunities for migrants and refugees in the city. I also very
much welcome your interest into our programme from one of your members.

Kind Regards

Lucia Reijgersberg

Work Placement Officer

Hamilton's Fraser High School
Migrant Work Placement Programme
c/o Waikato Migrant Resource Centre
Boundary Rd, Claudelands Park
P.O. Box 4340
Ph: 07- 853 21 85
Fax: 854 89 78
<mailto:l.reijgersberg@xtra.co.nz> l.reijgersberg@xtra.co.nz