04 July 2005

Minutes of Meeting 02/07/06

From: Eka Finschi Date: Jul 3, 2005 9:53 PM

See the recap of the meeting yeaterday:

- Independence day event to be held on Sunday, 21-Aug-05
- Donation for the Independence Day event is $10 per family (include
meals, so no need to bring potluck).
- Payment to be made to can be transfered through:
- Indonesian Society of Hamilton, acc # 01-0321-0104572-00
- collection during Badminton event every Saturday, 6.15pm
- contact Eka (0212594087) to make arrangement if you can't do
option 1 or 2
- due date: 1 day before the event
- Other source of funding will be from KBMI existing fund.
- Venue is tentatively at Hamilton Garden (Ahmad to confirm by next
Saturday 9/07/05 the latest).